Workshop at The Slipper Studio, Saturday 10th February 2024


Drawn to Still Life 
“I sometimes think that there is nothing so delightful as drawing”, Vincent Van Gogh.
If you agree with Van Gogh, you know it’s a worthwhile practice to spend time exploring your drawing skills. Drawing isn’t an elitist process and benefits the beginner or experienced artist, and those in between. It gives us time to practice, to try out new ideas and techniques, to think through creative problems, whilst enjoying an immersive process. Drawing also provides the opportunity to look and consider, which is always a worthwhile activity.
Join me at The Slipper Studio for a day of drawing in a relaxed and supportive environment, where we’ll take time to explore line, tone and composition, whilst using a range of materials.
We’ll draw from still life groups, exploring shape, line, tone and pattern qualities, whilst drawing plants, flowers, vases and associated still life objects. Before lunch we’ll explore graphite sticks, soft pencils and erasers, plus use stick and ink, with washes and wax, along side experimenting with limited palettes using gouache, ink and brushes. In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to re visit an earlier drawing or you might choose to begin a new piece, exploring a different composition, whilst focusing on a favourite process from the morning session.
The workshop will suit makers with some experience of drawing, wishing to develop their skills, or if you are a more proficient draughts person, there will be lots of opportunities to challenge yourself.
Saturday 10th February 10am – 4pm, 4 places, £85 per person, including: tuition, use of equipment, materials, plus refreshments; just bring your lunch.

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