Workshop at The Slipper Studio, Friday 4th October 2024



Advanced Create with a Gel Plate – mono printing without a Press

Gel printing plates are a lively and instant method for creating mono prints, with the advantage that you don’t require a printing press. Each print is unique and this highly adaptable process invites experimentation. Gel plates look and feel like gelatin, but are durable and reusable. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, are easy to clean and are always ready for printing; used in conjunction with acrylic paints, you will just need a soft roller to apply the paint.

Over the years I have run a number of very successful gel plate printing workshops. A number of people have since expressed an interest in attending a second gel plate workshop, with the focus on developing their skills in a more considered and advanced manner, allowing them to focus on creating fewer, but high quality prints.

On the advanced workshop we will recap the foundation stages and then develop smaller editions of prints around chosen themes, techniques and colour ways. I will also introduce you to: direct painting and mark making, exploring banded backgrounds by masking and freestyle layering.

*You may wish to bring along and use larger gel plates, eg 8 x 10 inches or 9 x 12 inches, allowing you to increase the scale and impact of your work. It’s equally fine to continue working with your 6 x 6 inch or 5 x 7 inch plates.

Friday 4th October, 10 – 4pm, 4 places available, £89 per person, including: tuition, use of equipment*, most materials, plus refreshments served throughout the day; just bring your lunch.

3 places available.


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