Workshops at The Slipper Studio, March 2022

Create with a Gel Plate – mono printing without a press


Gel printing plates are a lively and instant method for creating mono prints, with the advantage that they don’t require the use of a printing press. Each print is unique and this highly adaptable process invites experimentation.

Gel printing plates look and feel like gelatin, but are durable, reusable and store at room temperature; they come in a range of sizes and shapes, are easy to clean with mild soap and water or baby wipes and are always ready for printing. They are used in conjunction with acrylic paints and need no more equipment than a cheap roller to apply the paint.

I will guide you through a range of gel plate techniques including layering, impressing, creating stencils and exploring masking techniques with leaves and flowers; you will leave with a range of mono prints that can be seen as outcomes in their own right or can be starting points for further processes, such as paintings or a lino cut. They can also be collaged and used to create cards, gift tags or used in creative journals and sketch pads.

This workshop will suit the creative beginner or those with some experience of different creative processes and techniques.

Saturday 5th March, 10 – 4pm, with just 3 places (to allow for social distancing), £79, including: tuition, most materials and use of equipment*, plus refreshments; just bring your lunch. * You will need to purchase a Gelli Plate: 6 x 6inch, 5 x 7inch and 8 x 10inch, can be found at

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Inspired by Tiles – 2 colour lino cutting & printing

Lino cutting and printing is a very enjoyable process that can be explored at our kitchen tables and requires the minimum of specialist equipment. If you are looking to learn a new creative skill, but need a process that can be “picked up and put down” and fitted around a busy life, this may well be the technique you have been looking for.

A visit to the Birmingham City Art Gallery in the winter of 2018 to see the fine collection of Arts and Crafts ceramics proved to be the inspiration for this two colour lino cutting and printing workshop; the colours, patterns and designs of the William de Morgan tiles were particularly impressive.

With a huge range of imagery to choose from, it might make decision making tricky; will it be ornate insects, a mythical beast, a floral image or a wild animal that inspires you?

We will cover developing ideas into designs, safe cutting techniques, alongside successful hand printing.

This one day workshop will introduce you to two colour lino cutting and printing and as such, is a great opportunity for those folks who have created a number of one colour prints to challenge themselves and extend their printing skills. However, if you have no previous experience of lino cutting, it’s likely that your progress may be a little slower and you may wish to take your time and focus on developing the skills and understanding needed to create a one colour lino print. You may also wish to develop your ideas by printing onto coloured backgrounds and exploring collage techniques. There will be a particular focus on how you may continue developing your skills in your own home.

Friday 11th March, 10 – 4pm, with just 3 places (to allow for social distancing), £79,  including: tuition, materials and use of equipment; just bring your lunch.

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Create beautiful paper Sculpture


If you are in need of a creative pick up, come along to The Slipper Studio and learn how to create beautiful paper sculpture.
Using a deceptively simple process, you will learn how to make your own templates and create a cornucopia of hanging and free standing paper sculptures, including hearts and fruits from vintage papers and old books, before moving onto tea cups, jugs or tea pots, which are the stars of the show.

Once you have learnt the techniques at the workshop, and with just a few basic pieces of equipment, you will be able to design and create your own sculptural forms at home.

Saturday 12th March, 10 – 4pm, with just 3 places (to allow for social distancing), £79, including: most materials and use of equipment*, plus refreshments; just bring your lunch.

Due to a recent cancellation, there are now 3 places available.


Please contact me for further details and bookings: